Summer 2018 Clothing Trends

It’s not just biryani that binds us Pakistanis together but our mutual love for fashion too. With every season, our need to run and buy the latest of it all and get the trendiest designs tailored is an urge we cannot control.

That said, we’ve compiled this year’s trends for you so that you’re never behind in the fashion race.

Mixed prints – They’re Called Classics for a Reason— Keep ‘Em Handy

Summer Clothing Trends

A glance at the latest lawn collections popping up gives a hint that mixed prints are in vogue. From Sana Safinaz to Maria B. we’re seeing a cocktail of prints with the trousers and shirts both featuring patterns that are different yet contrasting.

Fringe craze –  Take Color Into Account

Summer Clothing Trends Fringer Craze

Not only is national fashion bowing its head to fringes but international as well. In fact, it all started with the New York and London fashion week runways seeing tassels and fringes to the max. So much so that not only is the trend taking over our clothes but handbags and shoes as well.

Medium length shirts

Summer Trends

Since the previous year, one thing that we’re noticing is that all sorts of designs are in. From short shirts to long ones, from ruffles to frocks, everyone’s seeing it all. However, medium length shirts are a more voguish these days with Gul Ahmed, Nishat, and other brands showcasing more of these in their catalogs.

Pretty pastels

Pretty pastels

Pastel colors made their way on the trend stage in the latter half of the previous year. By now, they are standing squarely in the center. From powder blue to baby pink to mint green, fashion houses like Sapphire, Dhanak, and others have the pastel color palette reigning.

Floral everything

Floral everything

Flowery prints, flowery graphics, flowery embroidery; basically, everything floral is in. Flowers are ruling in both the bridal and the casual fashion department. We can’t say that this is something new, though, because we’ve been seeing a lot of flowers blooming in Pakistani fashion for a long time now.

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