Changing Winds Of Pakistani Wedding Fashion

The fashion industry in Pakistan has rapidly flourished in recent years. A considerable amount of designers has flooded the market with their innovative creations for Pakistani wedding fashion.

Fashion is not limited to the elite class anymore. There is something for everyone to follow in the manner. Clothes, Shoe wear, jewelry or accessories.

This change of environment has led us to a new era of wedding trends, and some changes in the way of brides and grooms have looked in the past. Today we will discuss the latest trends in Pakistani wedding dresses according to each day of wedding ceremonies while keeping in mind the women fashion. Brides have been wearing the traditional lehenga choli in the red hues. However, we have seen a bit of change in wedding fashion like colors other than red, maroon and long gowns instead of lehengas.

Pakistani Wedding Fashion For Different Occasions


Nikah was always considered the part of Barat day, well! This is not the case anymore.

People are starting to take Nikah as a separate function, either to avoid the hassle of Nikah and rukhsati on the same day or merely adding one more day in the wedding package to be happy about.

On Nikah women are usually wearing something light, yet elegant dresses while leaving the most massive dresses for Barat and Walima day. From white, off-white to the pastels of lavender or pink, we are seeing more people wear unique and traditional dresses on their Nikah.

However, the type of clothing varies from person to person. From long gowns to ghararas to shalwar kameez with medium heavy jewelry.


Mehndi day always brings color, beauty, flowers and fun with it. Green and yellow are the classic combination of Mehndi dresses, but it doesn’t stop here.

All the bright colors are on trend for mehndi dresses making it an event worth waiting and preparing. Multicolored dresses are also an excellent choice for a mehndi function.


Barat is the main event of a wedding, and it requires a lot of effort for a girl to choose the best color and dress type as everyone wants to look the best in their marriage especially the Barat day.

Pakistani wedding dresses have taken a turn in the sense of color as well as the shape of the dress. Brides have started choosing more unique colors than the classic red lehnga cholis, however, it does not mean the red is out of fashion or even the lehnga itself.

We are seeing brides wearing bold and bright colors in a variety of shapes like long gowns and ghararas as well as a bit long frocks with lehengas.


Walima is usually the last day of the wedding in Pakistan, however, it is not less important than the others.

Pakistani wedding dresses for walima day are light colors with heavy embellishments. Brides are choosing more of the light pallets like peach, bright blues or the tones of beige shade paired with heavy jewelry and accessories.

As far as the shape of the dress is concerned, we have seen a rise of long-tailed gowns and lehengas in recent fashion trends. However, traditional lehenga choli is not out of fashion either.

If you are a bride to be and looking to select your wedding dress, choosing a color and shape of clothing based on your skin tone and body shape is always a good idea. Do not hesitate to select the dress of your dreams no matter if it’s listed in this article or not. In the end, a wedding is all about happiness. A happy bride is the prettiest of all.

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