Khaadi Midsummer Collection 2018-19 – A Mesmerizing Blend of History, Heritage And Traditions Of East

Khaadi Midsummer Collection 2018

Most of the Pakistani fashion brands have introduced their midsummer lawn collections by now. Here, we will be discussing Khaadi Midsummer Collection 2018. Every year, Khaadi comes up with something steller, leaving us all amazed. Through some epic designs and vivid colors, Khaadi has recently introduced its mid summer lawn collection 2018, which is known to be a symbol of eastern heritage. Depicting the true essence of east, this collection is all about old cultural tales defined in contemporary ways.

Khaadi Midsummer 3-pieceCollection 2018

Khaadi lawn collection 2018

Khaadi Midsummer Lawn Collection

Eastern elegance with uniqueness of designs is the prominent feature of Khaadi Midsummer Collection 2018.

This luxurious collection offers you regal designs which are a trademark of Khaadi, giving a contemporary touch to the traditional designs. If you are the one who loves eastern prints with latest twists, then this product line is definitely for you.

Khaadi 2018

Khaadi 3-Piece Midsummer Collection 2018

The 3-piece mid summer collection by Khaadi features ethnic subcontinental block prints, cultural motifs, and lacy Uzbek embroidery. Taking inspiration from all over the east, this collection is features embroidered lawn shirt with shalwar and duppata, and printed lawn suit and duppata.

Khaadi midsummer 2018

Khaadi 2-Piece Midsummer Collection 2018

Embroidered shirts with botanical florals and rustic hues paired with lawn pants is something you must be looking for in this season. So, do not worry, Khaadi has got you covered.

Khaadi 2-piece lawn collection 2018

Khaadi Midsummer Lawn Collection 2018

Or you can go for brosha shirt with lawn shalwar having Mexican florals inspired from Romanian and Ukrainian attire. Thus, this midsummer collection caters a wide range of customers having different tastes.

The diversity of designs does not end here. Look at some the most alluring geometrical designs, inspired from Afghani jewelry and Swati costumes.


Khaadi Midsummer Collection 2018

Khaadi Midsummer Collection 2018

The colorful and funky impact of designs makes the dress line wearable for both casual and formal events. So, let us ‘Embrace the Heat and Celebrate Summer in Style’ with Khaadi.

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