Exquisite Shawl Collection Presented By Komal Nasir At Pakistan Fashion Week London 2018

Komal Nasir- the Pakistani-British fashion designer presented her latest shawl collection at the 13th edition of Pakistan Fashion Week London 2018.  Her show was scheduled for the line up of the grand opening day on 30th June, alongside Maheen Khan, Aisha Imran, Fakiha Kamar, Jal by Chirwan Lewis, Sadaf Amir, and others.

Komal Nasir  -quoted as “the first” Pakistani fashion designer working exclusively on the patterns and designs of the shawls, capes, scarves, and jackets- has been presenting her collections all over Pakistan and other countries, including all the previous Pakistan fashion weeks. Having buyers mostly from Pakistan and UAE, she has emerged as a well-known artist in the elite fashion community of Pakistan, in the recent years. Her designs portray the essence of traditions and customs. The originality pertaining to her ingenious take on the Pakistani fashion has made her the first choice for jackets and shawls.

The Bespoke Shawls Displaying The Flurry Of Designs

Shawl Collection At PFWL 2018

The designer showcased her assortment of shawls at Park Lane Hotel, Hilton, where the models walked on the ramp while flaunting exquisite, but varied designs of shawls in the colors of brown, wine, red, blue, and whatnot.

The models were dressed in the simple attires of black kameez and tights, with the addition of some jewelry and minimal makeup, to give more focus to the playful colors of the shawls.  The beige, skin, black, tortoise, and off-white colored bases were designed in the ornamental motifs of flowers, geometrical figures, and paisley pattern. All in all, the show was a huge success and had a potential to easily make women empty their wallets and buy this wonderful assortment.

Shawl Collection At PFWL 2018

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All of her collections are available here.

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