Current Bridal Dresses Trends In Pakistan

Pakistani marriages are all about colours, glamour, jewels and traditions. The most charming and centre of attraction of our weddings are brides, who have always stunned us by their elegant dressing.

They catch our sights by the glitters they wear, Pakistan has a wide range of designers to meet all Pakistani brides expectations and to make their dream day spectacular.  The most crucial game of a wedding is Barat, which is significant for both the bride and groom, everyone is anxious for this day to see the bride, not just the bride, her dress, her makeup, her shoes, her bag, from head to toe she is the centre of attraction.

A Pakistani bride has a wide range of selection to choose from; she can wear lehnga dress, sharara, gharara, fish-tail gowns, Anarkali gowns and the list keeps on going. Then comes the full range of colours to choose from, the primary colour of the bridal dress is Red, which is the most favourite colour of the Pakistani ladies.

Many of us believe without Red no marriage is marriage or marriage is all about Red. The designers wisely select the colour and mix it with other colours to stay with roots as well and to bring innovations to the designs and theme as well. The addition of embroidery, tile and stone work brings life to the dress. Every year all creative minds come up with stunning and eye-catching  bridal dresses trends that are hard to resist and make you buy it right away.

The best designer wardrobe for bridal dresses include Nomi Ansari, Elan, Diva’ni Pakistan and Erum Khan and there are also other well-reputed brands for such occasions.

Diva’ni Pakistan has brilliantly designed dresses by keeping the essence of Mughal era.

While Nomi Ansari carefully plays with the colours and its beautiful embroidery makes his collection outstanding.

To go for the royal touch, Erum Khan’s wardrobe is explicit with floral patterns, stones and silk have been used along the beautiful thread embroidery, giving her designs a sense of royalty.

Red has always been most preferred colour for Barat among Brides, for such red lovers ATELIER KARMA is the right choice as they have beautifully designed dresses by keeping the ‘RED’ at their priority. They indeed have created the magic with the red.

ELAN has intricate traditional and contemporary styles together and has used the shades of pastels. Elan line is delicate and flawless in its designs and stands out for its creativity.

The list does not end here; it is a never finishing line, every designer is unique in its way, and they never fail to surprise us every year with their collection. They meet every Pakistani lady taste, they use their creative minds to make our big day glamorous. From Red to pastels, from Mughals to Contemporary designs, from elegant to royal, we have a full range of collections to select from and in such vast collections, choosing becomes a difficult job.

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