Tarun Tahiliani – A Prominent Name In Indian Fashion Industry

Tarun Tahiliani – A Prominent Name In Indian Fashion Industry

Tarun Tahiliani, the co-founder of ‘Ensemble’ India’s first multi-designer boutique, is known for his prodigious abilities to harmonize Indian traditional inventiveness with western impressions.  Thus, he always comes up with an appealing blend of modern design and traditional artistry for his customers. Based in New Dehli, he laid the foundation of Tahiliani Design Studio in 1990.

Tarun Tahiliani’s Rubaiyat and Kumbhback

Tarun Tahiliani is now a renowned name in Indian bridal wear fashion.  In 1995 Jimaima Khan wore the bridal dress designed by Tarun which was a major milestone for his career. His work has been showcased internationally at all major events.

His two most prominent projects were Rubaiyat and Kumbhback which were set to exhibit at all major fashion week throughout the world. Inspired by the maha kumbh mela, the Kumbhback collection wowed the world which was launched at Wills Lifestyle Indian Fashion Week 2013.  This work comprised of a pallet of a wide range of colors such as blue, amber, sunset tones, subtle rust, and saffron to name a few.

Bridal Wear By Tarun Tahiliani

The refinement and fineness of his designs is something that makes Tarun stand apart from all other designers.  For his bridal collection, he maintained :

“glimpses of shimmering gold, hues of soft pastels and a whimsical frothiness reminiscent of an era of charm and elegance … this collection will be living, breathing heritage, melded with the fresh vibrancy and essence of modern India.”

Indian fashion designer

Tarun Tahiliani bridal collection


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