Best Ways that Bollywood Pulled Off For Denim on Denim!

Denim is a every day style that can be carried anywhere and everywhere. We have everything in denim like Jeans, Shirts, Skirts, bags and jackets. It is just not universal but all season that never goes out of fashion and is never dependent on season. You can wear it in winters, summers, spring, rain or autumn. It looks good and gives a Oh-so-chic appearance. Bollywood celebrities are the proof on how to carry these styles with a variation that looks super awesome and is quite different. They are so easy that can be DIY at home and are a must have in the closet. Let’s steal some designs from divas of Bollywood.

1. The Varied Denim Skirt

Sharadha Kapoor Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt

shirt dresses are sometimes tricky when it comes to pulling it off, but not anymore when you have classic denim skirt for the rescue. Wear a classic denim skirt with a button-up shirt and pair it with a belt and matching shoes. The, you are all set for ultra chic look to hit.

2. Double trouble

Ali Bhatt Crazy looks, Jacket and jeans for Denim

When in normal days you are left with no idea on how to rock your style. Do it this way as shown in the picture. Have a denim jeans with a buttoned shirt. Pair it with a little fancy shirt inside and keep the denim shirt opened. Sneakers always look good so go-on and there you go.

3. Short Jacket and frilled Skirt

Katrina Kaif in Denim Jacket

Jackets are a big YES for every dress you wear. To turn a denim dress into little more chic, wear it with a frilled skirt pairing it a different colored shirt inside. Not forgetting to boom it with a Denim jacket.

4. Shorts and Sexy

Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts

Denim SHorts

Shorts and baggy shirts are a perfect combination, No? A big Yes. Have a look at it and decide yourself.

5. Too much dressed for a denim? Na!

Long shirt for denim

Long shirt for denim

How about pairing a denim jeans with net long shirt? A attractive look for sure. It’s a mixture of traditional plus western and seems to be oh-so-awesome.

6. What about denim sari? Oh-yes!!

Denim Sari By Shilpa Shetty

Denim has taken over everything from clothes to shoes to bag and what not and here is the proof. Denim for a sari? Yes, for sure. What an idea it is to adore the sari for denim and look all traditional and beautiful.

7. Denim on Denim

Sonam Kapoor in Denim dress Kriti Sanon Denim dress

How about being denim all the way and not paring it any thing else? A perfect idea. This style can be pulled off any way like in romper or flappers. A denim on denim is always in!!

8. Midi Skirts

Denim mid skirt

After everything, denim has now taken over midi skirts and these are our most favorite for the season. ALl easy and comfy.

9. Distressed boyfriend jeans

Ripped denim jeans

Ripped denim jeans

These ripped jeans are so much in nowadays that every other celebrity is seen wearing these. They look perfect being totally imperfect and can easily be paired with sleeveless sweat shirt and TADA.  Look is complete.

10. Oh-so Shredded


Shredded Denim Skirt

Shredded Denim Skirt

Shred it off! Yes, Let’s do it and turn your boring shirt length denim skirt into proper chic style and look all awesome. Don’t forget to pair it up with sexy heels as well.

These are some ideas that can be pulled off really easily and look great! Xoxo

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