7 Festive Season Trends for Winter 2018

The festive season is striking chords together to create a beautiful symphony of colours, elegance, and glamour. Everyone is in a hunt for something ‘trendy’ and ‘different’ at the same time. Recently, ‘fusion wear’ is gaining popularity and most of the contemporary festive dresses for winter 2018 have been a beautiful amalgam of Western and Eastern style staples. Such versatile fashion trends have enabled Pakistani dress designers to rescue their clientele from ‘fashion rut’ and at the same time provide a touch of ‘extra something’ for the occasion they are looking forward to.

Here are some ‘festive fashion trends’ during winter 2018 that you’d like to consider and follow according to the event that you want to dress up for:

Sleeveless Embroidered Jacket with Peshwas

This bright pink sleeveless jacket that has been intricately embroidered with gorgeous floral and flamingos by Sania Maskatiya is a good option for festive events. A silk Peshwas has been paired with it to give an elegant look.

Long Velvet Shirt

This deep maroon long velvet by Sania Maskatiya has been adorned with delicate and fine gold work with a side keyhole neckline and front slit to give it a stylish look.

A Special Kind of Sari

Elan has taken a modern and new take in the ‘sari’, which is an all time favourite during the ‘wedding season’. This beige coloured sari by Elan has a draped jersey gown with a black cinching waist belt of satin. The shade is ‘dreamy mocha’ and can give you the most versatile looks in an effortless way for festive events to evening soirees.

Turkish Style Cloque Jacket

This cream and gold coloured Turkish cloque jacket by Elan has a shawl collarand is draped over a long silk dress for a dazzling combination that can make heads turn.It’s an easy breezy silhouette and gives a stylish feel.

Velvet Coati Paired with Loose pants and Dupatta

This contemporary update to traditional aesthetics by Misha Lakhni gives versatility to all three pieces in an eternal way. It is a bohemian style by Misha Lakhani paired with loose pants and a pre-draped dupatta alongside handwoven tassels.

Tweed Jacket with Statement Sleeves

This classic contemporary tweed jacket by Ammara Khan is meant to make you look ‘classy’ with an oversized collar. There is beautiful gilded gold embroidery with pops of peach and coral alongside floral details to accentuate the ‘festive look’, which this jacket aims for. There are tulip flowers embroidered on the pants as well finished off with gold coloured embroidered trims.

Shimmery Kaftaan for Unique Elegance

For those who want to stand out in any event this enchanting combination of teal and champagne gold is there to maximize your elegance. This Kaftaan by Ammara Khan has sparkly tassels to add volume and glam. Teal coloured raw silk pants with an embroidered detail have a slim cut to complete the look.

If you are running out of outfits for this festive season then these 7 trends for during 2018 help you for almost any occasion or event you got an invitation for!

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