#STYLEREPEATS- Smart Women Wear It Again

When you receive an invitation or decide to go to an event, what do you do? Make a Fuss over your clothes. Right? You tirelessly spend hours to decide your dress for the day and wondering whether you have worn the dress in question, in a similar gathering. Because of course, you don’t want anyone to see you wearing a similar apparel twice. God forbid, if that were to happen you’ll lose your reputation as the “best diva” in town. No?

Sorry for the dramatics, but it’s almost true for all the girls out there (Yes, I’m guilty of it too). We spend so much of our energy and resources on a seemingly useless and unproductive decision that it seriously start affecting our mental health and whatnot.

#STYLEREPEATS- Our Salvation

#stylerepeats is a campaign started by Ariana Huffington at  Thrive Global.  

Thanks to Ariana, women are realizing now that how convenient it is to don already-worn clothes. In her words,

Why not wear the same thing you love as often as you want? 

I couldn’t agree with her more. Why don’t we adorn those same robes, we are sure looks good on us and are comfortable on our person? Of course, we were praised for them before so we’ll still look ravishing in it again.

Celebrities Spotted Wearing Same Dress

Here are the actresses and celebrities wearing the same dress on different occasions. An inspiration for us all, indeed!

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This is what every woman needs to learn. We waste so much of our time, energy and money in an endless struggle of looking beautiful everytime. Especially women spend so much just because they have to wear a dufferent outfit, a changed lip color and a perfectly suitable pair of shoes. This, is somehow also opposite to Islam too. Our religion teaches us modesty and no one says that modesty only lies in wearing a different dress and carrying an other purse everytime. Infact, if we stop caring a lot about these things then we will be certainly able to save more money, time and energy. I love the concept of repeating clothes. I mean, why not? Aren't we taught to wear the wear the same uniform and shoes each day in school? What was wrong in that? Nothing! I am starting this. I will be repeating my clothes often now and I would love all other pretty women to do the same. 🖤 #stylerepeats #lifestyleblogger #clothes #katemiddleton #wisedecisions #whynot #save #spendwisely #repeatclothes #inspire #follow #momblogger #wifeblogger #urbanmommy #beautywithbrains

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Our wardrobes are filled to the brink. Why not choose a dress from there and make it easy on not only our pockets. but also our mind? So, all women out there, let’s join #stylerepeats!


Hunia Yousuf is a medical (MBBS) student and a psychiatry aspirant. She is a self proclaimed extroverted-introvert. While casually reading (more like breathing) fiction, she learnt to generate characters of her own and weave them into a plot for her own pleasure.

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