HSY’s Collection ‘Musafir’ At Pantene Hum Showcase 2018

One of the most recognizable designers of Pakistan’s fashion industry, Hassan Shehryar Yasin also known as HSY, presented his recent collection ‘Musafir’ at the Pantene Hum Showcase 2018.

HUM TV has organized Pantene HUM Showcase 2018 at the end of March in Karachi. This glorious event took place on 28th March 2018 to 31st March 2018, and it was aimed to showcase the trendiest cuts and styles of latest fashion attire.


Musafir‘ is a multilingual word meaning ‘passenger’ or ‘traveler.’ The HSY ‘Musafir‘ collection focuses on the transitory nature of our lives, considering ourselves to be passengers.  So, it elaborates that we all are travelers and we are supposed to be benefited from different exemplars we come across during our journey of life.

Through the recently launched collection HSY ‘Musafir,’ I want to provide the talented youth of our country, the opportunities to substantialize their dreams, said HSY.

Focusing on the talented young population of Pakistan, HSY suggested that it is the right time that this generation should stand up and live a life based on love, peace, and harmony. However, our youth requires the legendary HSYMusafir Mentors that help them to lead the complexities of life successfully with the help of new perspectives.

Bilal Ashraf, the leading Pakistani film actor, model, and visual effects director were the showstopper of the iconic HSY Musafir collection at the Pantene HUM Showcase 2018.

HSY Musafir collection at the Pantene HUM Showcase 2018

Through the Millennial Musafir campaign,  HSY introduced his linen spring/summer collection featuring 24 millennial leaders each presenting the successful 24 years of HSY’s fashion journey.  Each Musafir depicted the ongoing mentorship programme of HSY.

HSY's Musafir fashion journey HSY Musafir Mens Collection

The whole HSY Musafir collection characterizes simple yet elegant silhouettes with monochromatic hue. Mostly including white. black, beige and indigo.


“At HSY, we are very excited to be presenting this new campaign which is more than just a collection to us; it is a new narrative, championing young women and men in Pakistan in their own progressive journeys and their collective contribution to the nation. It is recognition of the millennial crusader, who is shaping each field they are in, for a brighter future.” HSY maintained. 

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