Generation New Campaign Introducing Plus-Sized Models Is A Lovely Initiative

The whole idea of skinny models ruling the magazines and brand shoots, an average Pakistani woman cannot relate to it. There are a few girls who are thin and our marketers happily target those girls in their campaigns, the healthy or the round ones are entirely ignored.

The Pakistani brand “Generation” is quite famous for their unique campaigns. Lately, the brand has attempted to do something that no other Pakistani brand has ever done before.

The brand focused on exhibiting on the amount they think about the view of their character concerning the larger assessed clothing. Never any Pakistani brand has attempted to publicise their large and sized garments through the internet marketing or on any campaign.

Now our Pakistani people are a great lot, a lot of appreciation has been received, but on the other hand, people are also criticising.

Generation new campaign does deserve significant time appreciation because they have at least taken the initiative.

The objective is very obvious; we should be comfortable with who we are rather than craving to be someone who we are not.  Media is always promoting the ideal girl body: tall, slim and fair, this is what Generation brand has attempted to change. You should love yourself whether you are short, dark or fat it doesn’t matter you are beautiful.

The brand has achieved something incredible by perceiving all aspects of our society.

The prints that the beautiful models are wearing are stunning and the ideal shades for the summer season.

This great initiative by the Generations brand teaches everyone that body love, self-care and body image starts with adoring your present state while pursuing wellness and health goals.

It’s not compulsory that you have to be a skinny girl to wear beautiful clothes.

Generation new campaign is breaking the stereotypes through their marketing drive. Instead of criticising such steps we need to encourage them. It is essential that such promotions should be done more in Pakistan and other brands should do the same.

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