Royally Late: Saudi Arabia Hosts Its First Ever Fashion Week

First Ever Saudi Arabia fashion week hosted on 18th April 2018 in Riyadh.


 Saudi Arabia Fashion Week

Who could think a country labeled as the most conservative one especially for women rights could host a fashion show? It seems like time is also changing for Saudi Arab as well. In the past, women had to get permission from their male guardian to go outside for a hangout with friends. However, this is no more a restriction from the state.

 Saudi Arabia Fashion backstage

 Saudi Arabia Fashion Designers

How Did It Ever Happen?

Basically based in Dubai, Saudi Arabia Fashion Council decided to open an office in Riyadh. Seeing the changes occurring in the official policies related to women and culture, it planned Riyadh’s first Fashion Week. The show was scheduled for March 25 first.

 Saudi Arabia Fashion

Executive president Princess Noura bint Faisal Al Saud with CEO Jacob Abrian jointly sent the invitations in February. All the editors, buyers, and models were invited early so they could begin booking their travel. However, just a few days shows were postponed by two weeks owing to the visa delays.

Why Was Social Media Was Not Allowed

Since it was a women-only occasion, with no man allowed, leaking pictures on social media was not allowed. Despite the is fact, women wore whatever they felt comfortable in. However, there were only a few seen without an Abayah on.

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Post Credit: EMILY FARRA, Vogue

Hijab: A Simple of Pride Rather Oppression for Saudi Women

Vogue talked to a designer named Arwa Al Banawi on the dressing of women to which she said, “To me, the abaya is like what a kimono is in Japan. It’s just part of our culture.  Being in an Islamic country, we do need to respect our religion and dress conservatively, and a lot of women do love wearing the abaya. But it doesn’t have to be a black abaya—I’ve worn a silk coat before, and in Jeddah, you see women in bright colors and different silhouettes.”

How Did it Go Backstage?

Saudi Arabia Fashion Week Backstage

It seems like while a lot of you might see this as an alien trend, an overwhelming majority of Saudi natives still take their culture as pride.

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