Pantene HUM Showcase 2018- Jazib Qamar’s Innovative Approach to Men’s Fashion

Pantene showcase 2018 took place in Karachi for the three days at the end of March. This Fashion Showcase has been organized by HUM tv for the last two years, which has definitely set the bar high for the Pakistani Fashionistas. In this showcase, the top designers of the nation showcase their creations and couture which are inspired by many of the different and innovative ideas.

Pantene HUM showcase 2018 made a statement this year. It was all made possible because of the outstanding performance of designers and models who put the trendiest and most chic outfits out there on the ramp. This has made the fashion rage roar in Pakistan with all its might. From the color coordination to the embroidery work, everything has proven to become a trendsetter.

Jazib’s Qamar ‘s Menswear Collection

Jazib's Qamar 's Menswear Collection

Jazib Qamar presented his collection of menswear at Pantene Hum showcase 2018 and called it “Yaksui 18”. With this new and aptly put together assortment, the designer has taken an innovative and original approach. With the help of Yaksui 2018, he has tried to put the ideas of recycling and the usage of unconventional items to use, in the fashion world beautifully.

Yaksui 18

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In his couture, he has used materials such as wood, metal, and glass. His aesthetics refused to be restrained and want to be liberated to self-expression.  ‘Yaksui 18’ aims to incorporate the themes of ancient architecture and furnishing to the newer concepts of recycling of clothes and paper. He has put his artisan mind to craft these pieces of clothings, which should be an inspiration and enlightenment to the Pakistani men.

If you are a man and particularly keen on breaking the stereotypes then this collection is definitely for you. For the sake of artistry and ingenuity, don’t forget to leave a comment.



Hunia Yousuf is a medical (MBBS) student and a psychiatry aspirant. She is a self proclaimed extroverted-introvert. While casually reading (more like breathing) fiction, she learnt to generate characters of her own and weave them into a plot for her own pleasure.

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