Men’s Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Trends Guide

Men’s Fashion Trends

Winter is in full swing but it’s only a matter of weeks before the coats and gloves come off and we jump right into spring/summer, depending on where you live.

If you ask any random guy on the street if they care about what they wear, they’ll probably shrug off or say it doesn’t matter for them. But noticing their attire, you’ll see neat knitwear, a cool jeans pattern and bracelets that’ll put your own dressing to shame.

Now since it’s a hard job being all that cool, especially when random men out on streets don’t help you out much, we have come up with an almost perfect list of attires suitable for all guys.

Men’s Fashion Stripes and Plaid

It seems like a difficult thing to make a case for stripes these days but they do come in handy when you want to play with sunlight or make yourself look taller and slimmer. Help yourself with vertical or horizontal stripes with plain cotton pants.


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Mens Custom T-shirts By BelMahdy

Being a millennial and not ever donning a t-shirt is considered an eternal sin. Other than being just hip, T-shirts also cost less and can be bought in number to help you through the week without having to wear the same one twice. So do yourself a favor and buy plain whites or blacks, or whatever goes with your pajamas/trousers.


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Men’s Denim

If nothing works, go with the Denim! If you want to fit in without trying, go with the Denim! Wear loose, no-fuss, lightweight denim to ease into your work day. Don’t go with the tattered, ripped jeans. Nor with the one with threads coming out of the hems. You’re better than that. Be classy and go with the T-shirts and Chelsea boots too.


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If you can take the scorching summer sun and just a sweatshirt or plain t-shirt doesn’t work for you, you can swap for overshirts worn over tees. Don’t worry about the matching, many outlets keep good stock and have a wide variety.


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If you feel like you are always on the move and need to be able to stretch your legs with ease, trousers are your best friends. Gone are the times when they were only to be worn by the kids and athletes. However, wear the slim-fit version to fit in.


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Short-sleeves are evergreen in that someone, somewhere, will always find the need the have a breezy simmer alternate to t-shirts. Apart from comfort, it’s classy and is acceptable in any situation.


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If you’ve got a slim pair of legs to show off, try shorts. They are cut off right at the hem of the knee.


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