Latest Groom Dress Trends in Pakistan

Dulha Sherwani and Salwar Kameez Dresses Collection Pakistan 2019

Usually, it’s a concept that women (brides) are far more conscious about their looks as compared to men (dulha). So it’s pretty apparent they are more mindful of their dress for the big day. This theory similarly applies to men as well. Every one of us wants to look fabulous on their wedding day be it, men or women. Dulhan (bride) and Dulha (groom) both are conscious about their dresses, makeup. etc, but in 2018 this been observed that men’s are more serious about their wedding dresses and look. Luckily, the fashion world for men in Pakistan has expanded a lot, and now it’s not hard to find an exceptional dress for your special day.

The designers in Pakistan have come up with a wide range of groom-Dulha dresses as per the latest trends. Before we dive into the newest groom dress trends in Pakistan, it worth knowing that there are different styles of groom dressing as per the wedding occasion. Usually, the wedding in Pakistan starts from the mehndi function, then the Barat and after that Walima. For all these three wedding occasions the grooms dress differently.

The Outfit Of The Mughals Dulha

The trend of dressing in a Mughal emperor look is entirely in. It comes with wearing a turban and kurta along with accessorizing oneself. The traditional look in this dress has given a modern touch to the whole look and has become trendy.

The Prince Quill Turban – Dulha Dresses

This traditional look is another addition to the groom dress trends, and it has been adopted from the dressing style of the Hindu Princes from the old days. The whole prince quill turban look gives you a feel of royalty.

The Rajasthani Style Dulha Turban

Rajasthani style is one of the most famous trends at the wedding – it can be added to the venue theme, the bridal dress and even the groom’s attire.

Embroidered Sleeves Dulha Sherwani

Embroidered sleeves in groom Sherwani are the most popular trend these days and are also liked by many since it gives a feel of a special occasion.

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