Kim Jones Debuts At Paris Fashion Week Men’s 2018: Floral Prints And Pastel Colors Are The New Trend

After his departure from Louis Vuitton in January, Kim Jones made his debut at Dior with a fashion show at Paris Fashion Week Men’s 2018 last week.

Prince Nikolai Of Denmark Started The Most Anticipated Show Of The Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week 2018 Mens

Being the most anticipated show of the week, it all started with a bang introducing Pink Nikolai of Denmark with a royal flourish. Dressed in a relaxed light colored apparel, he made quite a sight with his tall height and handsome looks.

“I’m half Danish and Mr. Dior always had that thing with royalty”, said Kim Jones.

Kim Jones Debut At Dior

Having spent only three months at Dior, Kim Jones tried to replicate the label’s signature edgy style with a bit softer touch.

Jones explained his lighter hues lying on the brink of femininity with,

“[That’s] easy modern menswear; this is a lot more elegant and sophisticated and a little bit romantic too, which is what Dior is.”

Genderless Sporty-Couture Assortment

Pastels infused with other testier colors brought about the essence of all that the personal life of the founder of the brand is considered. With the flower sculpture of Christian Dior spreading wafts of fragrance in the Paris’s Republican Guard cavalry regiment, the models walked in floral and feather prints and sheer organza fabric.

“Gender doesn’t matter any more — it’s 2018.”

The collection comprising of double-breasted jackets, flower motifs and embroidered staple shirts, appliqued and beaded ensembles, and crafted trench coats took the audience to the beginning of the fashion brand back in 1946. Influenced with the sportswear, the couture was completed with the help of caps and footwear resembling boot and sneakers.

The clothes -cut on the similar technique that was used to cut Dior Women Jackets- proved that genderless clothing is going to be the biggest trend for spring collection 2019.


What are your views on this new trend of unisex clothing in men’s fashion? Let us know in the comments!

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