Groom Mehndi Dresses Trends For 2018

Fashion is usually associated with women, but nowadays men are not far behind them.

Especially when it comes to groom mehndi dresses, In the wedding season brings a lot of options for men to look forward to. Pakistani weddings are full of color and vibrant culture of our Mughal ancestors, but it is not limited to dominant culture anymore. Pakistani fashion has evolved to a level where we have our own identity in the fashion industry, and a mix of traditional, as well as modern style, has captured the eye of its followers.

Pakistani fashion designers have taken a big part in reshaping the Pakistani wedding culture. They are working on innovative and creative ways to present something for everyone. Men fashion is a big part of the fashion industry now. We are going to take a roundup of groom mehndi dresses trends in 2018-2019.

Pakistan Groom Fashion – Kurta Shalwar

Kurta shalwar is the traditional dress for men in Pakistan. Kurtas are not limited to one style or cut anymore.

There are a lot of options for men to create their unique personality in kurta by pairing it with some embroidery, light embellishments or a colorful staller. Embroidery on kurta neck and sleeves looks fabulous for men and give them bright but masculine look.

groom mehndi dresses

In the latest trend, we have seen kurtas paired with shalwar as well as with straight pyjamas. A straight pyjama gives the kurta another dimension and looks sleek and minimal. Kurta is always the best option for mehndi as it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t take much effort to carry during mehndi rituals and meetups with relatives.

Groom Mehndi Dresses Waistcoats

groom mehndi dresses

The waistcoat is another variation in traditional Pakistani dresses. We saw it in trend last year, and it seems to be on top this year too especially for mehndi day.

The waistcoat can be paired with either shalwar kameez or kurtas. It gives the groom a quintessential style and glamour. Bright colored jamawar waistcoats with necessary white or black shalwar kameez have been rising in latest trend. You can make it more ethnic by adding some glaring motifs or rich embroidery.

Groom Mehndi Dresses Sherwani Coat

Sherwani Coat Groom Mehndi Fashion

Sherwani coat is an amalgamation of traditional sherwani dress and is best for the mehndi day as it’s not as heavy as typical sherwani but gives a groom glamourous yet modern look.

Sherwani coat is usually paired with pants. The jacket has a different variation as well. You can have it in the closed neck as well as collar style. The coat is embellished with sparkling stones and traditional embroidery.

Groom Sherwani for Mehndi

Sherwani for Mehndi Groom Dress 2018

Sherwani has not limited to Barat day anymore. We have seen grooms wearing sherwani with light embroidery on mehndi as well. These Sherwanis are not as heavy as the ones for Barat day, but they seem to give the mehndi groom elegance and royal look.

Light sherwanis usually are worn without the basic suite. These are worn like a more substantial form of kurtas. Rich, bright colored jamawar along with embroidery and embellishments are in trend for this sherwani come kurtas.

In a nutshell, there are many options available for men to adopt in the selection of a groom mehndi dresses. Pakistani designers have made it effortless to find something suitable for everyone. Either it’s a bride, groom or just a person willing to attend someone’s wedding.

For grooms, mehndi is a hectic day as there is a lot to do along with the mehndi rituals and fun stuff. If you are looking to select your mehndi dress, bear in mind these things and choose a dress which complements your personality. Picking a dress which is comfortable and elegant at the same time is always a good idea.

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