5 New Tuxedo Styles For 2018

It’s the wedding season and we all want that look that will make us feel fresh and give us the 007 swag that turns heads left and right. Of course you could wear the 3 piece you have locked away just for this purpose but if you really want to class up the joint, you should have a look at the Tuxedo styles we have curated just for you.

1 – Charcoal grey

I have been seeing a lot of grey this season and it’s not going to go away anytime soon as it’s a very versatile and neutral color as far as the combinations go. It’s a perfect mix of light and dark.

2 – Dark Granite

For those of you who like dark colors especially black but also want to keep the spirit of party in mind, this is a must-try option.

3 – Cobalt Blue

If you are a fan of a good Hollywood entry, this one is for you!

4 – Light Grey

Mostly used for office attire, this grey has a certain party side to it. Perfect for day-time events.

5 – Sandstone Beige

I have to admit, this is not my favorite but the sandstone texture adds solid feel to the color.

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