When Mahira Khan left us in Awe!

In this world full of competition in every field, fashion is no less in any case. With the increasing desire to look and have something different; brands launch either somewhat unseen or come up with the extremely unique altered form of already worn back in days every other day. Celebrities are the foremost priority of designers when it comes to flaunting their collection, one way is photo shoot but the other one is way more impacting i.e: other than photo shoots while for personal activities or some official work. With the vast options available, it is no easy to make the right choice and when that happens, everyone is left speechless. Recently, Mahirah Khan was seen giving her best shots during promotions of her upcoming film and we can just say AWEEE! Let’s have a look.


The first look was enchanting as she wore floral matching separates by Generation. It was bold printed silk dress and bright colored. A long shirt paired with full-length Capri was a perfect combo.


For her next look, she went for Sari by blocked textiles. It was combination of black and white showing off polka dots print on blouse and border of it. Pallu of sari was a mixture of golden brown shades which was set on the front taking the support of the right shoulder while making its way from the back to the fore. It was rather in a different form as compared to usual way of taking saris around.


It was a white-pale shimmering dress with one full sleeve covering the arm while other being sleeveless by Elan. The whole of the dress was covered with embroidered strips of diamond-tees and it was western dipped in traditional kind of dress that she effortlessly flaunted.


It was plain cotton red sharara paired with white dupatta slightly designed curvy by Rano Sheirlooms. The shirt had a single golden strip while the bottom was enhanced with a golden lace as well.


A simple white self-printed frock with a loose trouser and chiffon sleeves by Amna Chaudhry was eye-catching. She paired it with golden earrings to give it a finishing look.


This dress had similar separates, a blued colored dress printed red stars was beautifully carried by the Diva. This dress was designed by Zara Sahajahan.

That is it for today. Until next time.

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