Reema Khan – A Fashionista, A Style Icon, And An Ultimate Inspiration For All Young Girls


p style=”text-align: center”>“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”
-Audrey Hepburn.

Having reigned over our hearts for years and years, Reema Khan is one forever green diva. Hailing from Lahore, she started working back in 1990  and since then she has never failed to impress us with her on fleek style. The way how gracefully she still carries herself makes her an inspiration for all young girls out there.

Why not have a look at some of her recent shots:

1. Reema Khan At HSY’s Mohabat Nama Launch

Look how gracefully Reema walked on the ramp of HSY’s recently launched collection Mohabat Nama’. Can anyone beat her divine smile?

Reema Khan

2. Hum Awards Welcoming Reema Khan

How can we forget her splendid performance at the Hum Awards 2017. Wearing this sophisticated ensemble by Maria Ali, she totally rocked the stage.

Loved wearing @mariahassanali At HumAwards! ✨

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3. Reema Khan Complimenting The Nude Shade At Its Best

We have never seen any other woman carrying such a simple eastern wear so charmingly. Though the emeralds necklace and intricately embellished dupatta are further adding up to her elegance. Oh and by the way, this shot was taken at the birthday evening of Ahmad Shehzad’s son.

@iahmadshahzad #AliTurns1 @bilalsaeedphotography

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4. Reema – Reliving Her Age

They said it right that age is just a number. Can you spot the uber-chic lady here?

5. Banging In Bangs

The outfit with the sleek hairdo, everything is perfect in this look. Moreover, the bangs are making her look like a young teenager.

Reema Khan

Do let us know in the comments which look do you like the most.

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