Ramadan ’18 Iftar Party Hosted By Nomi Ansari

Themed iftar parties are really a thing now. It’s definitely an opportunity to gather Muslim friends and family to celebrate the blessings of Allah while looking aesthetically pleasing and stylish according to the theme.

Nomi Ansari’s Iftar Party ’18

With Ramadan on its full swing, Nomi Ansari rose to grab this occasion to throw an iftar party this Ramadan. Nomi Ansari, as we must all know, is a prominent figure in Pakistani fashion industry. Being a top-notch fashion designer, who is active in fashion scene since 2001, Nomi Ansari is known well enough for his impressive and imposing reputation among the splendid Pakistani celebrity guild. The guest list of this exquisitely themed party comprised of many of the significant figures of the industry, from stellar actors and singers to first class models and designers.

White Floral Themed Party

This year the theme of the iftar party was decided as white floral. Celebrities were seen roaming around Nomi Ansari’s home grounds, clad in white pristine costumes and gowns. The gardens were also decorated according to the theme with white lighting and chandeliers, giving an immaculate aura and appearance to the whole environment.

Top-notch Celebrities Attending The Party

This star-studded occasion was attended by Feroze Khan, Mawra Hocane, Maria Wasti, Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Faakhir Mehmood, Momal Sheikh, Fouzia Aman, Sajal Ali, Sanam Jang, Sana Javed and others. 

Here are the pictures of the event,

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