Pakistani Celebrities Doing Airport Fashion Just Right

Wearing fancy and fussy clothing to traveling is not a thing for most of us, however, we all take some time to ensure our airport outfit is enough stylish to be a sight for sore eyes. It’s actually good to wear loose clothing so you catch up to a little sleep during the flight. Though, trust me! You wouldn’t live down people sneering at you if you were to wear pajamas or (god forbid!) drags.

Here are some of our favorite Pakistani celebrities doing airport fashion just right with their gorgeous jet-legging styles, because it’s them who inspire us to roll in fashion every moment, every day.

Mehwish Hayat

Pakistani celebrities airport fashion

Mehwish Hayat is always in-style almost everywhere. I wonder if she just rolls in the morning and goes like yea, “I’m a fashionista.” Here she is, wearing a black tank top and skin-tight red jeans, paired with a printed shrug complementing her figure and beautiful looks.

Mahira Khan

Pakistani celebrities airport fashion

Just like always, Mahira is sporting a simple yet chic outfit. The beautiful patterned, pleated loose frock is just the right piece for traveling. Furthermore, the long blazer she’s carrying along with her signature long bag is also on point.

Fawad Khan

Pakistani celebrities airport fashion

Fawad Khan is one of those hunks who believe in “simplicity is the glory of expression”. Although the superstar’s handsome looks don’t need to be supported by any kind of over-done style, he’s clad in a simple tee, jeans, and a jacket. The handbag carried by him is also just the adequate size for traveling essential.

Saba Qamar

Pakistani celebrities airport fashion

The cool and casual Saba Qamar is looking the right fashion diva while supporting a cross-body. The whole attire is screaming that she’s ready to board the flight. Not forgetting those simple and cute flat sandals.

Urwa Hucaine

Pakistani celebrities airport fashion

Now-now-now! The famous Ameera of “Udari” was spotted celebrating independence day while taking a flight from Lahore airport. It is really lovely and patriotic that the actress is wearing this green jacket with esteemed “Chand-Sitara” of our Pakistani flag.

Sadaf Kanwal

Pakistani celebrities airport fashion

The fashion diva is sporting a button-down shirt with skin-fitted jeans, which are accessorized with a Burberry checkered scarf and a stylish hat. Though we are writing about her last, she can easily take the first- position in terms of style.

Hunia Yousuf is a medical (MBBS) student and a psychiatry aspirant. She is a self proclaimed extroverted-introvert. While casually reading (more like breathing) fiction, she learnt to generate characters of her own and weave them into a plot for her own pleasure.

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