Fancy jackets worn by celebrities around the globe

Sometimes celebrities opt for the fanciest of the dresses for occasions. Despite the dresses being on the verge of being ridiculous, these all-time fashionistas still manage to look like the highest paid vogue models. Whether it is Kylie Jenner wearing pajamas to the fashion show or Rihanna clad in silk nightgown attending a wedding, superstars make these weird, but fascinating choices in the name of fashion all the time.

Fancy Jackets

Pairing your outfit with jackets is always a winning styling formula. If you choose your jacket aptly they not only get you through some wardrobe dysfunction but also add some bloom or style to your casual apparel. With a dash of some colored disco here and there or some frill on the fringes, fancy jackets can get you to so many places.

Here, in this article, we’ll be featuring some of the celebrities around the globe who in my opinion have worn some of the fanciest jackets ever.

Ali Zafar

Fancy jackets worn by celebrities

When Ali decided to perform his song “Rockstar” at the coke studio dressed in this customized, flashy leather jacket by Ali Xeeshan, we were all definitely awed. Decorated with metal chains and studs, the customized jacket exuded power and aggression, just as the singer wanted.

Miley Cyrus

Fancy jackets worn by celebrities

Miley has been known for her penchant for colorful and rather unconventional hairstyles and outfits. With colored braided hairstyle and dressed in a hand-painted snow-white themed, leather jacket by Phiney Pet, Miley looks like a true rockstar. Though, some people might like to disagree.

Kareena Kapoor

Fancy jackets worn by celebrities

Kareena had set the stage on fire, clad in this custom made jacket by Manish Malhotra at Miss India 2018. The colorful tassel cropped jacket made the actress look exquisite despite on it being on the fancy side.

Park Jimin

Fancy jackets worn by celebrities

This $6,250 sequin bomber jacket by Gucci was worn by Park Jimin, a member of Kpop boyband BTS in their music video “DNA”. This insanely expensive jacket was a total bop with all of its shimmering glory.

Ranveer Singh

Looks like the fancy jackets are mostly being custom made catering to the creative tastes of the wearers because this suit jacket was also customized by Karthik Dhingra, the designer having expertise in fine printing. Ranveer had the designer print image posters of his favorite Bollywood movies of the 80s and 90s on the jacket.

Don’t forget to share fancy jacket looks of you or your favorite celebrities in the comments below!

Hunia Yousuf is a medical (MBBS) student and a psychiatry aspirant. She is a self proclaimed extroverted-introvert. While casually reading (more like breathing) fiction, she learnt to generate characters of her own and weave them into a plot for her own pleasure.

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