Outfitters – Trendy And Affordable Fashion

Outfitters is the one name that pops up in mind when talking about voguish wear that doesn’t make you gasp when you peek at the price tags. The fashion store holds its own line of Eastern wear with the name ‘Ethnic’ in one hand while with the other it maintains a strong grip on Western wear.

The average Pakistani can easily bag items from this store when looking for denim jeans, shirts, accessories, footwear, and more at affordable price points. You can either hop to your nearest store to shop or order online. Plus, placing an order of over PKR2500/- takes the delivery charges to zero.

Wondering why we’re such fans? Here are three reasons why we love Outfitters.

For everyone


Outfitters is for everyone. It’s not just for women, and it’s not just for men. The shelves in this store have options for both the genders. In fact, there’s a category dedicated to kids as well that includes shirts, shorts, pants, and accessories for juniors. So you can shop for both your male and female pals from one stop.

Always trendy


Outfitters nods at present trends and brings fashion-forward pieces that are neither too funky nor too plain. The shop offers the latest designs in all categories from shirts to shorts to sneakers to backpacks. Whether you’re on the lookout for that new jeans in town or want to get a steezy handbag, this is the place to head.

Offers discounts regularly


When your wallet complains, you have to wait for a sale. Luckily, Outfitters offers sales several times in the year. First off, the prices are not crazy high. You can fetch at least two items in just PKR5000/-. However, since with this brand, a sale is always just around the corner, you can pause and shop when it’s in full swing and enjoy even lower prices.

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