Latest Abaya Trends That You Must Consider For This Ramadan 2018

Abaya is one of the crucial styles of Muslim lady’s attire whose prime purpose is to cover the body. An abaya is a floor-length robe paired with a scarf or hijab wrapped around the head. No wonders, most of the ladies still choose to wear abayas. There was a time when abayas were worn only in black color with a simple silhouette.

However, the renowned designers worldwide are now introducing the most contemporary designs and cuts. Thus, we are able to carry the abayas with modesty and style. These are the latest abaya trends that you are going to love for this Ramadan.

Butterfly Abaya

Inspired by the butterfly sleeved dresses, butterfly Abayas are a chic transformation of the conventional abaya designs. Their flared sleeves are especially suitable for summers.  You can wear them on any occasion.

 Latest Abaya Trends

Reversible Abaya Style

Well, this one is for those who want to have a variety in their abayas. A reversible abaya can be worn from both sides, providing you a 2-in-1 option.

Denim Abaya Design

Denim abaya is mostly liked by young ladies and is perfect to wear casually. You can pair it with a contrasting scarf to further enhance its charm.

 Latest Abaya Trends 2018

Frilled Abaya

We all are so much obsessed with the frills these days. The frill on sleeves or at the border of the abaya look exceptionally classy.

Ramadan fashion 2018

Drape Abaya

Here comes another unique yet modish style, the Drape Abaya gives you an overall up-to-the-minute look, this design is appropriate for extra coverage. Moreover, you can also carry it on parties and functions.

So, these were some of the latest abaya trends. Get inspiration from these styles and let us know that how did you slay in your favorite abaya.

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