How To Style Your Winter Hats For An Exquisite Look

Hats are an absolute essential when the degrees outside keep dropping and you seem to be breathing out pure ice. The only way to keep your self warm is to either forgo going out in the world in favor of thick warm blankets or equip yourself with the best winter clothing, complete with the mufflers, gloves and yes, the winter hats.

Styling your winter hats with your outfits to look uber chic can be difficult at times, considering we have multitudes of options from fedoras to berets to beanies. In this article, we are going to share the top trending winter hats with you and also guide you on how to style them.

Cute Knitted Beanies

Winter hats

Knitted beanies are the most convenient way to cover your head from winter cold winds. Grab some beanies in all the neutral colors and pull one over your head to look super stylish asap. Remember to pull all the way and just fold the excess ends to provide extra insulations to ears. You can also pick out a bear beanie to have a cutest possible look.

Sparkly Beaded Hats

Winter hats

If you followed the fashion shows religiously, you must have noticed the ramp being swarmed by beaded heads, From beaded wide based hats to beaded headgears with fringes long enough to flow over your earrings, they were there in all forms. You can style these hats for formal events, or to give your dress a beautiful fancy edge, especially if they’re monochrome.

Fluffy Winter Hats

Winter hats

Winter is all about fluff and feeling all the fuzzy in your warm and soft clothing. This winter, don’t forget to add extra fur and volume to all at least some of your winter outfits and hat. This will not only save your hats from getting nubby but also will frame your face just like your hair does.

Chic Sailor Caps

Winter hats

Whatever you may call it the newsboy cap or a cabby, this hat is going rampage this year. From getting featured in Dior’s fall show 2018 to Gigi Hadid turning heads wearing sailor cap, we all have fallen for this particular winter hat. You can easily pull this style off if you go for a tweeds pencil skirt or sport heavy boots for more of a militant look.

Hunia Yousuf is a medical (MBBS) student and a psychiatry aspirant. She is a self proclaimed extroverted-introvert. While casually reading (more like breathing) fiction, she learnt to generate characters of her own and weave them into a plot for her own pleasure.

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