2019 Bridal Accessories That Are Full On Trending At The Moment

Winters is undoubtedly the wedding season in Pakistan. As the season is rightly already upon us, it’s high time we all start preparing for all kinds of wedding celebrations. Though, keeping in about the thing that is always the most time consuming (yes, the bride’s preparations), we have arranged a small list about the bridal accessories styling tips that are currently trending top.

Bridal Accessories List

The bride is the most important and expensive person at every wedding. Spending tens of thousands for best bridal makeup to the uncountable time spent on the decision of bridal dress, every single thing is well thought and carefully considered about the bride.

Just take, bridal accessories and you’ll seriously get confused about what to opt for and what to not. From the variety of necklaces to the different shapes of clutches, not to forget the hairstyles, it’s always so disconcerting. The only thing to help you in these times of crises (read excitement!) is that you marry only once, so go all out.

Like the most helpful style gurus we are, we have listed out top trending bridal accessory styles for you. Thank us later!

Raani Haar – Indian Bridal Accessories

Raani Haar has always been the most loved bridal jewelry. The pure regal and Mughal aura these beautiful pieces emit is the testament of how easily this classic jewelry can be carried out with bridal outfits. The white pearls embroiled in

Just recently, the newlywed Deepika wore an exquisite white pearl Raani Haar on her Kaanjivaram golden sari for the Bangalore reception also, The opulence she displayed had us all awestruck for sure.

Side Jhoomar With Open Hair

Another trending bridal accessory style is side jhoomar while letting your hair loose. It looks not only beautiful but also convenient for all the intricate knots and ties of the buns can get quite daunting on the bride’s hair.

Look how Mawra Hocaine and Iqra Aziz are rocking this beautiful trend!

Round Bridal Clutches

Bridal clutches are an essential, y’know to stash away all the salamis safely out of jealous eyes. Jokes apart, no bridal outfit can ever be complete without a matching bridal clutch. For a twist, now bridal clutches are coming out in all kinds of shapes. As round handbags are trending big time this year, we’ve got this enticing shape in bridal accessories too.

Kashmiri Matha Patti

Trending Bridal Accessories

For Mehndi function, you can style this heavy Kashmiri matha patti, just like Ainy Jaffery did for her official wedding this winters, It not only looks innovational but also is hell attractive.

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